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More Info on the PT-BROADCASTER Controlling Broadcast Cameras with the PT-BROADCASTER

Hello Broadcast Professionals!

Today we’re going to view our PT-Broadcaster. Our PT-Broadcaster is a professional broadcast camera controller and I’m going to briefly talk about the overview of how this works, then Andy is going to take us through the more technical parts of this overview. So really quickly it comes in 3 models, we can have a PT-Broadcaster-E, there is a PT-Broadcaster-L, and there is a PT-Broadcaster-P. The reason why we have 3 is because we want to support the majority of the pan tilt zoom cameras that are available today. So by doing so the E support all pan tilt zoom cameras that have a 8 pin mini din which is most of the really high end professional SONYs. The P supports most of the Panasonic models that have a 2.5 mm zoom and a 3.5 mm focus. And finally the L version supports the 2.5 mm leg which is basically the majority of your SONYs and JVCs and Cannons. So that’s why we have all of those in place. That’s why there’s 3 different models. It helps us to be able to support the majority of the ones out there.



So Andy is going to briefly show us what these things can do. I’m just going to take it back to here and let Andy take over. Sure, so right now I have my PT-Broadcaster right here set up to be controlled with my standard RS-422 joystick here. These broadcasters can be hooked up RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485. There is basically if you look at this right here. Let me zoom in on that for you. Sure. There is essentially a LAN connector for control. So you can wire up a network cable to be either RS-422, RS-232, or RS-485 and have it come out here and go any distance you pretty much need, and go straight into your joystick controller. Don’t get worried about if that’s too technical for you guys, that’s something we will help you with. So right now I have my BlackMagic StudioCam hooked up. We’re going to switch out view here so you can see both of these. So you can see I’m panning and tilting around, you can also do presets if you want. So I’m going to do 1 preset, and now we’ll do a second one. 2 preset, and now I’m just going to go back to the first one here. 1 preset, go back to the first preset, go to the second preset. I do have this set on a slow speed for the pan and tilt, you can adjust the speed on the unit itself. So if you want your presets to be going quicker of things like that, you can adjust that.

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