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Kaltura – Video Management in Education

Hello Educational Professional!

Kaltura is quickly becoming one of the most popular video management software platforms in the educational industry. “Video is permeating our educational institutions, transforming the way we teach, learn, study, communicate, and work. Harnessing the power of video to achieve improved outcomes—for example, a better grade in exams/assignments or more effective knowledge transfer—is becoming an essential skill. A key pillar in the drive towards improved digital literacy, video brings considerable benefits to educational institutions: streamlined admissions, increased retention, and improved learning outcomes. To get better insight into how video is perceived and used across educational institutions today, as well as the latest thoughts on digital/video literacy, best practices, and future use cases, we undertook our second annual online survey during April 2015. Video in education is undeniably a very hot topic: we received an astounding 1,200 responses, more than double last year’s figure. More than a third also provided in-depth responses to a range of qualitative questions: you can read some of their insightful comments in this report. The survey respondents were educators, instructional designers, IT professionals, digital media professionals, senior administrators, and students from around the globe. Around two thirds belong to higher education institutions and a quarter to K-12 institutions, the rest came from edtech and other organizations. I am extremely grateful to all participants for their time and insight.” Kaltura State of Video in Education 2015 Report

With so much going on in the industry Andrew Chatfield, PTZOptics lead support technician, decided to create a integration guide video on Kaltura.

Download the 2015 Video In Education Report

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