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House of Worship Resources Live Streaming Tips for Churches and Houses of Worship

Hello Church AV Pros!

Today we wanted to layout some tips and tricks for live streaming in a house of worship settings. After WFX2015 we were able to get a whole lot of valuable feedback from our customers. It seems like everybody wants to know how they can get volunteers more interested in live streaming and helping out. Well we have a couple ways churches can get volunteers to set up live streams and recordings and they don’t even have to be at the church.

Helping volunteers get involved with these live streaming tips

  1. Setting up a live streaming broadcast production with controls available remotely
    1. This allows volunteers to run the live church stream remotely from their home
  2. Setting up camera control for PTZ pan tilt zoom available remotely
    1. This allows voluneteers to run the camera stream remotely from their home

It might sound a little funny at first giving a volunteer control of  your live streaming cameras and production but it will definitely help them be more active on days they are out of state or unvailable to come in and run the equipment. With today’s technology an operator can set everything up remotely and with tools like vMix and PTZOptics you can even control the live streaming details remotely.

Tips for improving quality of live broadcast stream

We got this question a lot and it’s quite easy. If your internet connection cannot support a 1080p stream which is having “packet loss” and dropped frames simply lower your resolution to 720p. But how can you know how much bandwidth you have? Well use our free tool at This gives you a great way to spot check your bandwidth with our servers and see what your individual PC has access to for a live stream.

Super, Super easy live streaming for churches!

OK, we don’t want to set up a computer or manage live streaming services. Well check out this video on ChurchStreaming.TV’s latest box.



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