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Gaining IP Control of your PTZOptics Camera

Hello PTZOptics Users!

Today we want to review just how easy it is to gain PTZ control of your PTZOptics camera over your network. There are a few simple steps you can take to make this process super simple. If you are looking for “far end camera control” outside your network please refer to this article: 5 Ways to use far end camera control (outside your network).

Step 1: Connecting your camera to the network


Connect your PTZOptics camera to your network and turn on the camera. Once your PTZOptics camera is on the network you will be able to login to the IP address from any web browser using the default user name and password “admin” and “admin”for the username/password. (We recommend changing the default password once you are successfully logged in).

Step 2: Determine the IP Address

PTZOptics IP Address Tool

PTZOptics IP Address Tool

There are two easy ways to determine the IP address your camera is on. By default the IP address will be (But in some networks this might not work). So the easiest way is to use our IP Address tool (available in the downloads area) to search your network. You can also find the IP address from your router.

Step 3: Log in to the camera and take control

PTZOptics Control GUI

At this point you can take control of your camera in a variety of different ways know that you know the IP Address. You can gain a live video feed and PTZ control from the interface built in the camera (Using Firefox or Opera… Chrome no longer supports VLC plugin required). You can use our open source control software to build a custom interface. Or you can use our premium IP control software with all the bells and whistles including PresetVisualizer and remote IP control.

Step 4: How to set a static IP address

In the following video Matthew Davis reviews how to set a static IP address for the PTZOptics cameras using the IP Address Tool available on the downloads page. Setting a static IP address is ideal in most networks to manage your IP devices efficiently.

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