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IP Camera Control with NewTek TriCaster

Hello Broadcast Professionals,

In this video Paul Richards, director of business development and Andrew Chatfield, lead support technician for PTZOptics review IP camera control with the NewTek TriCaster. This is a application you can install on any Windows Computer specifically designed for the NewTek TriCaster allowing IP camera control with all PTZOptics cameras (And some Panasonic models). Andrew reviews some of the latest features include IP camera control through the network, camera control through a USB joystick, camera control through the keyboard and even a virtual joystick. These IP network camera control capabilities can be accessed inside and outside your network (outside network control requires basic router configurations).

If you are interested in learning more about the PTZOptics IP camera control software for the NewTek TriCaster please give us a call at: 1 800 486-5276

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