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Download the Code! Using PTZOptics #OpenSource Control Software

Hello AV & IT Pros!

In this video Paul Richards reviews, PTZOptics Open Source Camera Control Software. This software has multiple contributors and one we would like to call out is ProperNerd! Going open source has helped push the technology further and PTZOptics is proud to offer resources for any programmer interested in working with our open source protocols. In this video, Paul explains how to obtain the software, locate your cameras IP address and start using the software to take PTZ control of our PTZOptics camera.

You can download the Open Source Camera Control Software anytime from or the link above. Have fun and enjoy!

Camera Control App

Camera Control App

Here is a little picture of the latest version added by ProperNerd. As you can see ProperNerd has added icons for users to quickly know which preset goes where.  In our latest version of the open source control software we have added a very easy PSD template for updating these icons and making them custom for your project. Watch the video below to learn just how easy it is to add your own custom buttons and give camera control to anyone with ease.

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