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Live Show Recording What cooking at PTZOptics? How can we make #livestreaming easier for corporate america?

Hello AV & IT Professionals,

In this weeks live stream we are talking about solving a major hurdle companies face when it comes to live streaming. The technology is available, free in some cases, but companies need to look professional with the necessary branding assets before they “Go Live”. Many businesses are hesitant to start live streaming as a way to communicate with their audiences out of fear of looking bad.  It’s important for businesses to be cautious and health restraint when it comes to new technology is wise. But “live streaming” is not a new technology. Everyone know what it’s like to watch TV. The difference today is that the power of live broadcasting is easily available to any business of any size without restriction on major broadcast budgets.

So, in this episode we have completely “re-branded” our normal show. The show theme will be a cooking show and everything from the font, to logos, virtual sets and physical objects like a chef’s hat will be included. The point of this webinar is not to host a cooking show but explain how easy it is for companies to brand a live show. If you need to start from scratch, don’t fear, there are freelancers who can help you. But the important take away is that with a little work your company can create a beautifully branded experience you can use over and over again to create amazing video content.

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