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Eastern Shore Broadcast December Reseller Spotlight – Tom Sinclair from Eastern Shore Broadcasting

Hello PTZOptics Fans!

Each month we highlight a reseller who exemplifies what it means to be a value added reseller of PTZOptics. Tom Sinclair from has created thousands of hours of tutorial videos on live streaming and hosts a weekly show featuring his latest tips and tricks for DIY live broadcasting folks. In this live stream Tom Sinclair reviews how to add live production features in a video conference and we talked about how this can be used for live streaming but also sales presentations. We reviewed the latest Bolt 4 HDMI and thunderbolt broadcast device available on Toms website. We also reviewed best practices for live streaming whether it be to YouTube Live, Sunday Streams, ChurchStreaming.TV, UStream and more… Tom’s advice on live streaming is absolute gold and I wanted to highlight two tips below we found interesting.

Tip 1: Keep your graphics card up to date and use it!

When you are live broadcasting and recording their may be serious CPU usage going on. If you can leverage your graphics card, especially NVidia graphics cards, you can take processing power off of your CPU and improve your live stream. Thanks for the great tip Tom!

Tip 2: Choose your resolution and stick to it!

Tom mentioned that the professional live broadcasters always choose the resolution that want to use before they start setting up their live stream. It’s novices that try to mix various resolutions which creates additional CPU usages for up-scaling and down-scaling. THe best practice is to choose the resolution you will stream and record in and use it with all your devices and overlays. Makes sense to me! Thanks for the great tip Tom!


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