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How we host our Talk Show with Zoom #videoconferencing

Hello AV & IT Pros,

Our customers keep asking us “How can we host/live stream our own talk show”? It seems our live streaming webinars have struck a chord with sales and marketing teams looking to extend their reach beyond simple webinars. So we decided to share our “secret sauce” with everyone and “demystify” the tech involved.

In the following presentation we have prepared a step-by-step guide for live streaming your very own talk show. You will learn how to host a video conference call and capture that audio/video feed for your live streaming purposes. Plus we have a free starter kit available for download online.

 How to live stream a talk show?

As  you can see from the presentation and video above it’s quite easy. Using video conferencing technology we demonstrate how to capture that content and host a live streaming show. In our example we have a webinar which includes 4 participants but Zoom (and others) can support 100s of live participants. We are essentially using the Zoom audio and video bridge to leverage all the robust features in Zoom on a live stream.

A few notes from the tutorial video:

  • All of the templates we used to “frame” our live participants are available for free here.
  • We probably could have turned down the gain on our participants audio :0
  • The “Return Video” allows participants to know when they are “live”. In our demonstration there was a windowing effect but the next slide show what it looks like during a live stream…
  • Once your meeting is all set it’s a best practice to “lock” your meeting. If another person joins the meeting it could throw off your video capture for each participant.

How to get started right away?

One of the best ways to learn how to live stream your own show is to watch a show about live streaming. We highly suggest Tom Sinclair’s video blog called “Streaming Idiots”. We also host a live show every Friday where we review various live streaming and video conferencing topics.

Download our free “Talk Show” starter package here:

See us at NAB 2016!

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