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Live Stream Platforms Review

Hello PTZOptics fans and Live Streamers!

Today we’re going to go over different live stream platforms. We’ve live streamed with Twitch, YouTube Live, UStream, Wowza, Meridix, DaCast, TikiLive, and Stream Spot. We took screen shots, we are comparing pricing, and our overall experiences. We talk about first impressions of everything, and what we thought.


So first of all we started off with DaCast, and one of the things we really liked about DaCast was the fact that we could very easily monetize our live streams. They make it easy to take a live event and change it to Pay Per View if needed. DaCast is set up and ready to go for that and so were very few others, but we thought that was really nice. vMix integrates with it directly so you can log in through vMix into your DaCast and just start streaming. We thought that was really nice. Viewing the live stream, DaCast has some really cool stuff going on there. We like how you can have a custom page and really restrict what users do with it, like the ability to embed your page or not. And then when you get your DaCast log in you’re not seeing a bunch of other peoples YouTube videos, they’re seeing all yours, it’s a nice customize curated experience. Overall it was a very pleasant atmosphere.


We really liked StreamSpot because it was easy to use and it had on demand features that was really nice. Once all your videos are up and available it’s integrated with the live streaming experience so you’ve got a whole on demand side. It’s customizable, it’s a little bit nicer than YouTube Live, because with YouTube Live you’re going to get a whole bunch of the worlds live streaming stuff, whereas StreamSpot they’re going to be all your past videos.It also has vMix integration which is very useful and helpful.


TikiLive, was incredible. W­­ith one button they will create you a word press site that already has all the plugins that integrate with TikiLive, including your calendar, schedule, and everything else you will need. If you’re really trying to create a television show, or run your own TV station, TikiLive does it quickly with ease. It presents itself in a way that looks like on demand where you’re looking at all the channels that are available. There was so much stuff in TikiLive, personally it looked like the most comprehensive of the bunch.  They give the ability to live stream with video or radio. TikiLive looks like they also have the most third party integrations next to Wowza.


The next one we did was UStream, and it had some useful unique features. UStream was extremely powerful. The interface wasn’t cluttered, and it looked great. It was the first on that had a built in broadcasting service. Which is smart because not everyone has an advanced live streaming software, and some people might just want to broadcast with their webcam, built-in microphone, on their laptop for example.


We checked out Meridix, and they are focused on sports. It’s a customized experience, whether its football, baseball, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee, etc. They are formatted to go with whatever sport. It was a little cluttered with options, but gave plenty of them. If you used it enough it would feel more intuitive, it wasn’t overly complicated, it just wasn’t setup like everyone else, which isn’t a bad thing. It looks like it’s great for sports. It has your team, their team, you can put the score up, upload images with just two clicks. If you need to live stream sports this could be the perfect live stream platform for you.


Next we looked at Wowza. Wowza is known, and regarded as one of the best in this industry. One of the things that I saw in Wowza which I didn’t really see anywhere else was the distribution of servers around the world. They were located all across the globe; Europe, Asia, Australia, etc. You could choose where you want your servers to be located for that live stream. Where your audience is, I thought that was really cool. It was very simplistic, you can tell that Wowza has been in the industry for a long time. They have everything setup properly, it was very straight forward. All the things that you would expect in there. The home page, logo, and count down before the start were all easily accessible as you set up your live stream. All the things are customizable and Wowza is a great service, nothing but good things to say about Wowza.


Twtich is used for gaming. It’s very easy and straight forward. It’s free to sign up and live stream. There is a payment option to go “Turbo” which removed ads from the different live streams, gives you different emoticons for chats, increased video storage for saves live streams and stream highlights, and more.

YouTube Live

And finally we’re going to talk about YouTube Live. The reason we use YouTube Live almost extensively is of course; it’s free. So we’re getting into this stuff and we wanted to use something that’s free to get started. But it’s also completely integrated with our YouTube channel, and our YouTube channel is where store all our videos and that’s not going to change. Google owns that space. So for us it was easy integration.

There are so many benefits to all these live streaming solutions I don’t think that the market is over saturated. I think that all of these have a place in the market. And they provide great service at a great price for people that need to do live streaming.

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    In addition, there is a tipping feature integrated already, so you can actually make money, instead of spending it! 😉

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  • asif rafeeq

    how can we integrate the pay per view with wowza live streaming.?