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MIDI and iPad Control for live broadcast using vMix

In this video Paul Richards and Patrick Kirby review two great ways to take control of your live broadcast. Patrick mentions that controlling a live broadcast from “outside the room” can be beneficial for church service streaming. Paul talks about the differences between wireless live broadcast control with the iPad and USB connected control options with a MIDI keyboard.

As you can see Paul is able to control VMix overlays and fades with the iPad control and the MIDI controller. Paul mentions that the MIDI controller is extremely intuitive because he huge pad buttons. The iPad has solution comes preprogrammed and ready to control all inputs in VMix. Where the MIDI controller is better for common tasks, the iPad usually has the ability to do more since it automatically pulls your available options from VMix over your network.
Controlling your live stream remotely is done easily with the IP interface shown on the iPad. The interface is available by default to any computer on your network that is not behind a firewall. If you would like to control your live streaming from anywhere in the world (outside your network) you will need to make the internal IP available to the outside world. The easiest way to access the live stream controls might be using a remote access software like join me or log me in. With remote support software you can easily gain access to a web browser that has control of your live broadcast. The most reliable way to access your live broadcast controls involves configuration to your router. For more information read “5 ways to gain far end camera control outside your network“.


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