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Download Free Here Why going open source with our camera control protocols was the best decision we made in 2015

In early 2015, PTZOptics decided to take our camera control software open source under the GPL 3.0 license. Our camera line had always used industry standard control methods such as: RS232, RS485, IR Remote, web interface, TCP/UDP, UVC and HTTP CGI but we were continually getting requests from end users who wanted to create custom applications. At first we took the industry standard route of creating a SDK development kit which developers such as vMix are using today to build camera control directly into Windows based live streaming programs. But the SDK development kit is only used by a handful of developers and our open source control software based on HTML/CSS and JavaScripts is being used by a much larger audience.

HTML and CSS Open Source

HTML and CSS Open Source

HTML is quickly becoming the most popular language taught in schools around the world and it’s really no wonder why regular IT professional enjoy working with these standard coding languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

As popularity grew we started adding customized versions of the open source software. The online community was continually adding new ideas, GitHubs forks and more until we decided to make a release that required no programming skills at all. PTZOptics release “Ready-Made” open source camera controllers for the major PTZ camera markets including broadcast, corporate, house of worship and education that do not require knowledge of HTML to change the icons in the camera controller.

Free IP Camera Controllers

Free IP Camera Controllers

Each of these opensource camera controllers features six images that end users can customize without touching a single line of code. For developers who understand HTML/CSS/JavaScript these camera controllers are completely open source and can be customized to fit any project.

Going open source with our camera control protocols has been a great decision for our company. The community of developers that have contributed new ideas and innovations has been a huge success. We have even seen some programmers (ProperNerd) create stand alone Windows and OSX applications from these files. We have designed these pre-made controllers to be extremely easy to customize and you do not need to know HTML in order to change the buttons. If you know HTML/CSS or other web based languages these files are completely open source so feel to change them to fit you next project.

Free Education PTZ Camera Controller

Education PTZ Camera Controller

In the image above you will see one of our live broadcast camera controllers that are pre-configured for standard classrooms, conference rooms and auditoriums for live events. Each features a set of icons you you can change without needing to touch the HTML (if you don’t want to). We have a folder for each controller called “Presets”. Each folder contains a .PSD (Adobe Photoshop file) along with (6) six .png files you can change and alter. To change a icon on a button simply replace the .png file with the icon you want the preset to be. It’s that simple!

*Open source software is meant for HTML/CSS/JavaScript developers. It is not officially supported by PTZOptics technical support team.

Download for Free Here:

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