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Download Free Virtual Sets Building Virtual Sets in vMix

Building Virtual Sets in vMix

Hello Live Streaming Professionals!

Today we want to review how you can easily build virtual sets for vMix! I was surprised just how easy it was to build my own virtual sets and how powerful they can become for enhancing my live streams. To build a virtual set you can use vMix’s “Virtual Set Specifications 1.0” from scratch OR you can start with one of the 20+ free virtual set templates we have available for download!

vmix building a virtual set

vmix building a virtual set

How to build virtual set for live streaming in vMix

Here are the basics we need to build a nice virtual set for live streaming:

  1. A Background picture that is atleast 1920x1080p or 1280x720p (The bigger the better). Make sure you use a picture you have rights to use legally (Search Google for “Labeled for re-use with modification”)
  2. A Foreground picture. This should be a PNG file since it will be the layer on top of your green screen video.
  3. A Green Screen video stream

vMix Virutal Set Folder

vMix actually has a tool for setting up your camera zoom levels. You can press the “Export” button to export everything you will need to build your virtual set. Once exported you can put the files in the vMix folder Program Files (x86) / vMix / VirtualSets / “Name of your folder”. Once you have the files in your folder you can now add a input to vMix and your virtual set will be available.

Fine Tuning your Virtual Sets

vMix uses a config file with each virtual set which we can use to make fine tune adjustments to our virtual sets. Using the setting export method above we can only set our 2-4 camera zoom and x/y axis’s. If we need to adjust the placement of our talent or our foreground we need to adjust the config file. Each time you make a change to anything including your image files or config file you need to re-launch vMix. I find it’s best to get as much done as you can by starting is a existing template that fits your needs. Then import the file in vMix and use the built in export tool to set all of your camera zoom points. Then take that config file and replace the one that you used previously. From here you will only need to tweak your talent and foreground x/y axis along with zoom. Once you have done one or two the process becomes straight forward and you can build custom virtual sets in less than 15 minutes for any live show.

virtual sets long

vmix building a virtual set config

vmix building a virtual set config

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