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Outdoor Test Footage

Hello PTZOptics Followers!

We have had a lot of requests asking about using the cameras outdoors. These cameras perform great outdoors even in low light situations but remember they are not built to stand rain or snow. You can bring the cameras out on tripods or stands for a outdoor festival but do not leave them outside overnight (not that you would)…

Here we some really great outdoor test footage from the 12X-SDI and 20X-SDI broadcast cameras. This particular live stream was being sent to YouTube Live using the Epiphan Pearl. This footage was taken during the “Pretty Good Festival” August 26th. Cameras were actually shooting with factory default settings on automatic. There was a joystick controller being used for camera control which uses the RS-232 in and out ports on each camera to switch between each for control.

Special thanks for HavaStream for sending us the test footage. Also, thanks for Couple Days and the Sounds of Sidney for letting us use your music to demonstrate our cameras.

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