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Remote control of your live streaming overview

WFX2015 Follow Up – Working with Volunteers for Live Streaming shows remotely

Hello Live Streaming Professionals!

After WFX2015 we learned alot about our customers from houses of worship. We were able to listen and take some time to reflect on new ways to help our customers. One thing we heard over and over that churches are looking for volunteers to work the live streams. We came up with a article on how to live stream and manage your camera control remotely. Allowing your volunteers to set up and run the entire live stream system remotely is totally possible and we have a bunch of resources on how this can be done!

How are we going to live stream our church service?

I want to start by saying there are two ways to do this. One super easy way you can initiate with a single click and then a more complicated way that add a more “live broadcast feel”. The easy way is to simply launch a video conference call with the click of a button. Everyone at home can simply click a link and watch the entire live stream. PTZOptics now offers a free Zoom Video Conferencing license with every camera sold for this reason. We have so many customers who are just looking for a simple and affordable way to get started. Zoom is only $15 per month and it allows up to 50 people to watch the video call. We like Zoom because it allows multiple churches to host conferences, share screens with the lyrics or presentations being made and has a built in chat. We actually use a combination of Zoom, vMix or Wirecast with YouTube Live in our live streams and examples are available at

Simple Live Streaming System

Simple Live Streaming System

How can we get volunteers to run the live stream remotely?

So let’s start with the easy solution and then talk about the more complicated solutions for advanced “Television Quality” live broadcast. The simply solution is using Zoom Video Conferencing on a computer with a PTZOptics 12X-USB camera and a USB 2.0 speakerphone. If you have existing microphone and audio mixer you can convert them to USB with various devices we can suggest. Zoom can be set up to “auto-answer” and a video call can be initiated with the simply click of a button. Zoom even offers far end camera control (which now does require authorization) so therefore you would want to have a program such as “TeamViewer” available for remote control of the computer you are using. That being said, Zoom can now support 50 viewers plus your remote volunteer can control the camera remotely. Below is a video demonstrating the remote camera control capabilities in Zoom.

Live Streaming a Church Service Remotely

Live Streaming a Church Service Remotely

Taking it a step furthur

Taking just a small step forward with remote access to a PC that has a camera and audio feed connected you can start up a live stream with almost any software. That could be UStream, vMix or Wirecast. Therefore your volunteers can remotely log into a computer with access to a camera/microphone and launch a live stream. It’s really that easy now a days.  Here we are showing our remote far end camera control software which has a lot of bells and whistles for far end camera control.

Live Streaming a Video Conference

Live Streaming a Video Conference

Taking it another step further

So here is the way to take your live video conference and stream it to the cloud. This is great for interviews and incorporating multiple churches in a conference style.

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