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Hello PTZOptics Fans!

Today we are going to review the various you can control a PTZOptics camera. We are proud to say we have some of the industries most advanced camera control software, along with industry standards that are used in countless deployment strategies. Let’s start by outlining the control protocols PTZOptics supports:

VISCA Camera Control Cabling

  • VISCA Control
    1. Pioneered by SONY, this control protocol allows for advanced camera control with 100’s of options
    2. Commonly accessed over RS-232 but also now available over IP

UVC Camera Control Cabling

  • UVC Control
    1. UVC control is a protocol used for computers to control USB devices. Because PTZOptics offers USB and supports UVC we can now control the cameras PTZ just over one USB connection.

IP Camera Control Cabling

  • IP Control (TCP/UDP)
    1.  IP control allows for PTZ control over a network connection to the camera. PTZOptics now supports control of up to 8 cameras over the network with our latest IP control software. You can also use our Open Source Control Software to
  • ONVIF Control
    1. ONVIF is commonly used in the security camera industry. This protocol allows for advanced PTZ control through security camera systems.

With so many options, how can I choose?

PTZOptics provides a plethora of camera options because every situation is different. We can look at this from a physical cabling point of view and review the distance limitation of each:

  1. USB Cable
    1. Distance Limit 16′
  2. Network Cable
    1. Distance Limit 328′ (100 meters)
  3. RS-232 Cable
    1. Distance Limit up to 1000′

The cabling distance limitations can be a useful way to determine the control protocol that work best for you. But you may find that UVC control is simpler for you because you already have a USB 3.0 connection. You may find that IP control with a network cable is more attractive because you have already planned Cat-5 cable drops at each camera location.

What is the most robust control option?

Our VISCA control software is by far the most robust control option. VISCA was originally pioneer by SONY and it includes 100’s of camera commands from fine tuning of picture image to actual pan tilt and zoom controls. UVC is the most limited but PTZOptics offers the most flexible UVC control option which is absolute. When it comes to UVC there are two standards: absolute and relative. Absolute provides absolute camera positions and  allows for camera presets which we have in our UVC control software. Relative is used for simple control applications that provide only PTZ operations relative to where the camera is at any given moment.

IP controls with PTZOptics are just as good as VISCA because we are supporting “VISCA over IP”. Our IP control software offers only slightly less fine tuning that a direct RS-232 connection for VISCA Control.

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Network Control

  • Easily connect to up to 8 cameras on your internal network
  • No need to be physically connected to your cameras
  • Extend control outside your network
  • Use preset visualizer to layout your presets
  • Toggle between static IP addresses on your network


UVC Control

  • Easily connect to your camera via one USB cable
  • Control & video over one cable (12X-USB & 20XUSB)
  • Extend control outside your network
  • Use preset visualizer to layout your presets
  • Host remote control to any web browser


VISCA Control

  • Connect to your camera via RS-232 to USB (conversion cable required)
  • Enjoy the most advanced camera control with SONY VISCA
  • Extend control outside your network
  • Use preset visualizer to layout your presets
  • Host remote control to any web browser


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