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Zoom Rooms for PC – Plus iPad camera control!

Hello Web Conferencing Professionals!

Zoom Room Ipad

Zoom Room Ipad

It’s great, the Zoom Rooms for PC are here! We got a chance to see just how easy a Zoom Room can be to set up! This week we set up a Zoom Room on our Intel NUC i5 PC and tested it with our Gen 2 iPad. The PC set consists of installing the “ZoomRoom” software on  your PC and installing the “Zoom Room” iOS App on you iPad. Once both applications have been installed you can use the iPad to control your Zoom video conferencing experience. In the video Paul Richards, director of business development reviews the PTZ camera control options for the touch screen along with video, audio mute and even camera/microphone select.

One part of the ZoomRoom for PC experience that was not shown in the video is Microsoft Exchange and/or Google Calendar integration. This calendar integration with the Zoom Room’s for PC provides instant access to your room booking schedule. For most businesses this is the ideal way to manage conference rooms and for users to instantly launch meetings. The Zoom Rooms for PC will easily launch any Zoom meeting on your Exchange or Google Calendar. If your meeting isn’t scheduled yet you can always “launch a meeting” a-hoc style.

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