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Download the eBook! New eBook: Plug and Play Live Streaming

Hello Broadcast Professionals,

Philadelphia, PA – PTZOptics a live streaming camera manufacture operating out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania announces the release of a free eBook called “Plug and Play Live Streaming” outlining the latest live streaming trends in the industry. Plug and Play Live Streaming covers everything from what a webcast is to setting up and running professional live streams. Author Paul Richards, introduces his innovative new technique for live streaming a video conference and demonstrates how YouTube Live is becoming a preferred free CDN or “Content Delivery Network”.

The eBook contains the following chapters:

  1. What is a Webcast
  2. Live Streaming Software Overview
  3. Video Conferencing Software Overview
  4. How to live stream a video conference
  5. Rendering video overlays
  6. Laying out your live stream composition
  7. Live streaming and recording
  8. Understanding bandwidth
  9. Building your audience
  10. Choosing the right camera for your space

PTZOptics is offering this eBook for free to anyone interested in live streaming and video conferencing as a guide to the industry. The eBook is full of helpful information such as PTZOptics new bandwidth optimization checklist and online bandwidth spot-checking tools. Other free offers include a 60 day trial of vMix and 30 day trial of Zoom video conferencing. Joseph Mulcahy, Director of Operations says “This eBook is a great introductory guide for anyone setting up a live streaming system. We cover how to get started and how to avoid common pitfalls. We think the live streaming tools we are providing will be helpful to anyone in the broadcast industry”

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